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Question relating to the etiquette of posting a question in the Forums

Dear all. I am fairly new to this Website and forums but I am greatly impressed with the depth of knowledge available.
I posted a question "Summarise Resources between two dates into Monthly Portions" and got replies that managed to help me sort the initial problem I had. Since then I have developed the concept a bit further and now I have some further questions. I added these further questions to the existing post.
I do not know if my latest addition to my own Post appears as a new post for other members to review so I don't know if anyone has reviewed my latest questions.
Should I make a new post with new questions or would this be considered "bad manners" within the forum?


Active Member
If you have added a new post to your thread, then it will have moved back to the top of the latest posts view (you have effectively 'bumped' it up the list). If all you have done is edit existing posts in your thread, then you will not have 'bumped' it. On most forums I frequent, you start new threads for new questions, but not usually for follow-on questions.
Thanks Ali for the quick reply (I was an enthusiastic user of Lotus 123 back in the day but a frequent user of Excel today).
I think I effectively edited the existing post so it did not appear as a new thread for a new question so I think I'll add a new post......if you have the answer to my questions, that would be great.


Excel Ninja
By adding questions to a new post you may be limiting the help you see.

1/ Those who have helped may not realise other questions are buried in the post so may assume they can not help further so will not revisit.
2/ Those who could help with the new questions but not with the original will as one above not revisit.
3/ Any help given to the buried question will not show in a search and so will not help others with a similar problem.

As the forum rules/help states,

  • Consider that the world is operating 24hrs a day. A late post today may well be answered by someone else overnight.
  • Start a new post every time you ask a question, even if the theme is similar. The original author may continue asking questions whilst the post is in progress and of course if you are answering questions you may need to ask questions of the initial poster.
  • Please post, new posts in the correct forums, not as Emails/Messages to people
New question. New post in a new thread.