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Question on excel pm bundle


New Member
Ron.. good question.

Some of the files (dashboards, status report etc.) have a separate "readme" worksheet where things are explained to help you get started. Rest of the templates have tooltips (cell comments), grayed out texts, data validation helper texts to help you understand how to use them. Other templates are very straight forward to understand if you know a bit about excel and aware of project management functionalities.


New Member
Ok...so far I am liking this product...question though, and forgive me if it is a remedial one:

1. Can I leverage a single spreadsheet (Gantt)from the bundle and cut & paste it into the PM Dashboard in place of the one in there already? Or does it require formula work?


New Member
@Ron... Happy to help

Coming to your question, there are several ways in which you can do this.

(1) the dashboard comes with a separate gantt chart inside which you can configure for reporting purposes. So there is no need to cut / paste anything.

(2) You can copy few of the 7 gantt chart templates directly to dashboard. For others you need to copy multiple sheets.

(3) You can also take a screenshot of the current gantt chart version and embed it as a cropped image. This way, when you need to update the dashboard next month, just have to replace the screenshot.

(4) you can also embed a live image using excel camera tool.

Let me know if you have any more questions.