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Question about =If Formula??? 3 Values


New Member
Hi all,
Is it possible to have an = if formula to have 3 values for instance my current one has 2 (see below) however i was hoping that i could add another value for an item coming up to date for instance 1= in date 0.5 = comming up and 0 = Out of date currently i have 1 and 0 but i would like to have those 3?

=IF("Training - Roster-Training'!AB54>=TODAY()-730,1,"0") = this creates a 1 if within the 730 days and 0 if after.


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

One IF statement can test for one condition , and depending on the two values of that condition , which are TRUE or FALSE , there can be two outputs.

We can always nest one IF statement within another , so that we can test for two conditions , each with its own values of TRUE or FALSE , so that we can 3 outputs.

This kind of nesting can go quite deep , enough for most requirements.

If you can upload your workbook and specify your conditions , the Excel formula can be written.