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Pull Data


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Hello. I have a work book that I'm trying to pull data from 2 spreadsheets. First, I need to match my Container ID's on both spreadsheets. The first spreadsheet has a listing of Asset ID's I need to move to the second spreadsheet by matching the Container ID's. The first spreadsheet has the Container ID's associated with the Asset ID. For the second spreadsheet, I'm trying add the Asset ID with the Container ID. The first spreadsheet has the Container ID listed once. The second spreadsheet can have the Container IDs listed multiple times and those need to be associated with the Asset ID's. I've tried everything I can't find a solution.


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This is may be an relatively easy task employing Power Query. Post a sample file for us to work with. Make sure you show a before and after scenario. Mock up the After. The files need not be large. Sample file may have 10 or so records which are representative of your actual file.