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Publishing my workbook to the internet


New Member
HI All,
I have published my workbook to the internet ( via the 'online' Excel version), although i am unable to see my ActiveX controls . Is there a way around it ??
Thanking you in advance
Martin Argimon (South Africa-Johannesburg)


New Member
HI Fluff13
Thanks for your confirmation
May i bother you once last bit to ask you to kindly look at this code below, as I cannot understand how to retrieve the address of the cell ( within this via code) and paste into another cell. ( The BOLD text ( comments) is not working )
Many Thanks
Kind regards

Private Sub CmdButAssignParcelBeneficiaries_Click()

Dim ParcelNo As Range
Dim DestinationRange As Range
 ' Dim CellAddress As Range

Set ParcelNo = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Choose cell to copy", Type:=8)
 ' CellAddress = ParcelNo.Address

Set DestinationRange = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Choose Destination cell", Type:=8)

ParcelNo.Copy DestinationRange
 ' CellAddress.Copy DestinationRange

End Sub
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