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Project Portfolio - How to go from Months to Days

Jared Brunette

New Member
Hello all,

Excel 2010 Project Portfolio:
I am trying to shorten the outlook of the portfolio to 7-days (instead of 6-months).

The calculations tab uses EDATE in formulas in AG2 (for projects) and then again in AF9:AH9 (for Activities and Issues).

I was able to modify the Due In calculation located in H9:H# by changing the DATEDIF to a "d" criteria.

Any help on switching from the EDATE (monthly) to daily would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Formula that needs to count projects ending in the next 7 days:
AG2, =COUNTIFS(F9:F13,"<="&EDATE(TODAY(),6),F9:F13,">"&TODAY())

Formulas that need to count how many activities and issues in the next 7 days:
AF9, =IFERROR(SUMPRODUCT((lstActStarts<=EDATE(TODAY(),6))*(lstActStarts>TODAY())),0)

AG9, =IFERROR(SUMPRODUCT((lstActEnds<=EDATE(TODAY(),6))*(lstActEnds>TODAY())),0)

AH9, =COUNTIFS(tblIssues[Due date],">"&TODAY(),tblIssues[Due date],"<="&EDATE(TODAY(),6),tblIssues[Closed?],"",tblIssues[In Project],C9)



Excel Ninja
Hi Jared ,

I am not very sure , but the following segment :


returns a date which is 6 months from today ; if you want a period 7 days from today , replace all of the segments where you have EDATE(TODAY(),6) by the following segment :

TODAY() + 7