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Project Management Dashboard 1 - Changing start date value on Gantt Chart Sheet

Zahidul Islam

New Member

I purchased the Project & Portfolio Management templates last night. I am trying to change the start date value so the bar appears for the activities...right now the Gantt Chart has a start value of March 12, 2012 but I want to change that. Please help. Screenshot attached.


Luke M

Excel Ninja
Staff member
HI Zahidul,

I believe the dates for projects are stored in the Project Plans sheet (I'm not sure on exact name. In your example, the earliest project starts in March 2012, so that's when the Gantt chart starts.

Zahidul Islam

New Member
Thank you Sir! I know what I did wrong....I had the previous dates on the activities (already on file) which dated to March 2012....once I deleted them it changed. Thank you again!