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Problems with chart

I have a spreadsheet where I like to put in astacked bar.
The chart shows Completed and Outstanding cases.
I want it to show the number of completed to the left and Outstanding to the right.
In that way the bar will grow to the right as the tasks will be complete.

I have attached a sample file.

When I insert the chart it starts with Outstandings first from left.

When I change that the bar looks wrong.
The outstanding looks much bigger than Completed.

Anyone that has a solution?


  • Example.xlsx
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have a look at the x axis - it maybe starting at 210 , instead of zero


  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.47.56.png
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.47.56.png
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  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.48.35.png
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.48.35.png
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I'm also on the Mac OSX version of excel

trying to find in format - how to format the X-Axis

i went to
Chart Design
Add element
Axis - more axis options and the range appeared
right click on the axis
Format axis
Axis options appear
and i can change the Minimum to 0

the back to
Add element
Axis - unchecked the primary axis


  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 12.15.06.png
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 12.15.06.png
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  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 12.13.23.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 12.13.23.jpg
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