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Problem with multiple conditions


New Member
Dear All,
The function not working kindly help.
10,00,000.00120IF(A3<2500000,IF(B2<=90,"Personal Visits",IF(AND(B2>90,B2<121),"Increase Frequency of personal visits",IF(AND(B2>120,B2<181),"Issue Registered Recall Notices",IF(AND(B2>180),"Initiate Legal Suit",0))))),IF(A3>2500000,IF(B2<=90,"Personal Visits",IF(AND(B2>90,B2<121),"Issue Registered Recall Notices",IF(B2>120,"Initiate Legal Suit",0))))


Active Member
In the attached two lookup ranges were created ( i used initials being too lazy, you can replace them with the entire text)
Solutions with yellow background


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
The first problem is simply the choice of approach using nested IFS; I am in full agreement with @pecoflyer that a lookup is preferable. An IF may be simple but too many is a recipe for complexity and error. In this case the first error is that the batch of IFs were closed out with too many (closing) parentheses and, also, the test on the limit did not allow for equality.
In my workbook I had limited the solution to a single LOOKUP by providing alternative threshold timings.