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Problem with Excel Index function and partial or fuzzy match


New Member
Can someone please help me identify a problem with an index function that I am using?

What I currently have seems to be working in reverse, with respect to making a partial/fuzzy string match.

The index function follows:

=INDEX($K$2:$K$12, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($A2,"*"&$J$2:$J$12&"*"), ROW($J$1:$J$11), ""), COLUMN(A1)))

I have attached the excel file. If you could be kind enough to take a look and let me know how I might fix this I would be grateful.

What I need to do is make the input cell $A2 (above) able to accept partial text strings and match a full text string in column J.

In other words if cell A2=Apple and cell J2=Apple Computers Inc., the match would occur.

Then it will return all emails that are associated with Apple. (this part currently works as long as I use the exact string in column A)

-Thank you



Try ARRAY formula (CSE formula) in C2 and copy across
=IF($A2="","",IFERROR(INDEX($K$2:$K$12,SMALL(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($A2,$J$2:$J$12)), MATCH(ROW($J$2:$J$12),ROW($J$2:$J$12)),""),COLUMN(A1))),""))