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Problem to display information in TextBox

Hello. I made this little VBA project to search working extensions of the place where I work. My project has 4 Texboxes to display the results of the name I am looking for. I don´t know why for any reason, I can not make the last Textbox called "DID" to display the information as the other 3(Name, Additional information, and Extension). Besides that, the buttons “New” and “Edit” give me a little wrong message that says “Run-Time error ‘1004’: Method ‘Range’ of Object ‘Global failed’. This happens every time I enter new information or edit information that is already in the project. Can you help me with that please? The file is already attached for you to take a glance at it. Thank you very much.

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This addresses only what you've asked.

I don´t know why for any reason, I can not make the last Textbox called "DID" to display the information
you 're only looping through the first 3 columns of the listbox and it needs to be 4, and your textbox names are not sequential.
Try this
Private Sub LB_00_Click()
  For I = 0 To 3
    If I < 3 Then
        Me("T_0" & I) = LB_00.Column(I)
        Me("T_0" & I + 1) = LB_00.Column(I)
    End If
  Cmd_00.Enabled = False
  Cmd_01.Enabled = True
End Sub
The buttons...
need the resize to be 4, and the additional textbox added to the array
Private Sub Cmd_00_Click()
' NEW button
Sheets("AGENDA").ListObjects(1).ListRows.Add.Range.Resize(, 4).Value = Array(T_00.Value, T_01.Value, T_02.Value, T_04.Value)
End Sub
Private Sub Cmd_01_Click()
' EDIT button
Sheets("AGENDA").ListObjects(1).DataBodyRange.Cells(LB_00.ListIndex + 1, 1).Resize(, 4).Value = Array(T_00.Value, T_01.Value, T_02.Value, T_04)
End Sub
The error message...
is from the AZsort sub because it should be Table1 not Table9
Hello. I haven't had time to check well. I was at hospital at that time. Please accept my apologies. I haven't touched the file yet. You are the best. Thanks so much. Once again, I do really feel so ashamed with you. From the bottom of my heart, please accept my truly apologies.