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PrintPreview issue

David R

New Member
Hello all! Hope you can help. I have a file wherein a user checks boxes for sheets they want included in the output. My VBA creates an array based on the boxes checked, and then I use .PrintPreview to view the sheets. Although the preview comes up with the number of sheets indicated, only the first sheet can be viewed. The Next Page or Previous Page buttons do nothing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Using Excel 365 on Windows 10 if that helps.

Thank you,


Have you had a chance to try it yet and if it is what you want, let us know so we can discard the workbook that we used to build your solution.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

One of the most frustrating issue when answering posts on public forums is when people don't respond.
However there are also many reasons why people don't or get delayed.
It is only 7 days at this stage

This is one reason why we prefer people not to post on multiple forums
They get an answer on one and then forget the rest!

4 people have viewed the file you posted, but I can't tell if it is David R

Thankyou for your support

ps: The appreciation from people who do answer posts more than makes up for the occasional upset.

ps2: I did have a person respond to one of my answers in 2013, 18 months later, so don't give up hope


Hi Hui.
Appreciate your attempt to give reasons why no answer was given.
The reasons are, in my opinion, just that. Attempts to sugarcoat the situation.
You and I both know that if the suggestion(s) supplied were not quite what was needed/wanted, they are 99 out of 100 times back at least within a day.
Even taking in consideration that people are at the other side of the world, it usually does not take very long to come back. A matter of hours in my experience.
If it was me and I was not able to personally answer, I would ask someone, my son, my daughter, my wife, an employee, to let the person that helped me know that I appreciate the help I got. But of course that is me.
If my train of thought here is totally wrong, I apologize but I have to say, dealing with people of different nationalities from all over the world for 30+ years, I do not think so.
It is nice to see though Hui that you monitor what is happening on the (your?) site.

Copied from the Site Rules (Posting Rules & Etiquette):
1) If you post a question, check the answers and acknowledge the answer if correct or incorrect. We get a lot of posts with 1 answer and no feedback, so we're unsure if the answer is right or wrong or if the poster has even bothered to read the answer.
2) Say "Thanks", whenever you can. Recognize when someone, who is a total stranger, has bothered to go to the trouble and time to assist you with your question and they have done it for free. Often readers will spend several hours working on a solution to a problem, a line of recognition and thanks will go a long way.

You might know the saying: "Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt."

Sorry for me ranting on Hui but keep up the good work and don't worry about me and my politeness.
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