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Prevent the cells from being colored black.


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[QUOTE = "NARAYANK991, message: 256969, membre: 1512"]
Salut ,

Voir le fichier attaché.

Pouvez vous expliquez s'il vous plait,Merci.
Je vous adore NARAYANK991, toujours aussi perspicace.


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Only a check for the interior color of the selected cell has been introduced.
    Const BlackInterior = 4210752
    If ActiveCell.Interior.Color <> BlackInterior Then
The color value for a black cell (at least the shade of black which you have used) is 4210752.

I have defined a constant named BlackInterior , since it is easier to remember a name like this rather than a value like 4210752.

The code then checks for whether the interior color of the cell where the cursor is placed is this color or not ; only if it is not this color , the buttons Buton and Effacer will work , since this same check has been used in both the macros.