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PowerBI and DAX training


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Hi All,

In was wondering if there's any good free resources for PowerBI and DAX training
I've already done the edX course, the videos on mircrosoft, enterprise dna course, udemy course, sql bi cure and started going through the dax videos on youtube by curbal.

So wondered if theres anything else out there.


Excel Ninja
Here's link to free video course from SQLBI.


Though you may have seen it already.

You've gone through plenty of tutorials (more than I have for sure). I'd recommend following to hone your skill.

1. By helping others, here in the forum and at Power BI community forum.
2. Use PowerBI to recreate reports and dashboard that you have.

If possible, set up virtual server that can host Data Gateway. It can give you valuable experience, working with local data and accessing it from cloud, without exposing it to public domain.


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@Chihiro yeah already did the sql bi one. dont have enough access rights for installations etc at my new job so dat gateway is a no no. will need to look at forum. thanks