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Power BI match keyword to table


Hi all,

I need to get a fuzzy match going, the twist and issue is, I have power BI 2016 (work, can't update it!) which means the fancy fuzzy match feature is unavailable.
I'm not great at this... Can someone please help me out with sample?

I more or less want to look up a load of names from 'Data' to a reference table 'Reference' and bring back the resulting company/make
I don't need to account for typos, so for example:

Toyota Prius 2019 - contains keyword 'toyota' so 'toyota'
Used Toyota - contains keyword 'toyota' so 'toyota'
Tyota- ignore
Toy ota- ignore

Ideally no match will return a value like 'Other'
and multiple matches will just return one of them, be it top or bottom.

I found this online@

But the file that solved it was deleted off filedropper :/




Excel Ninja
You can adapt following custom function.

(mystr as text, searchlist as list) =>
    Source = List.Generate(
                            ()=> [Word=null, x=-1],
                            each [x]<List.Count(searchlist),
                            each [Word = if Text.Contains(mystr, searchlist{x}) then searchlist{x} else null, x=[x]+1],
                            each [Word]),
    myWords = Text.Combine(List.RemoveNulls(Source),",")
Since you only need first match. You can change last line before "in" to
myWords = List.First(List.RemoveNulls(Source), "Other")
This will return value from Reference[From]. You can then join Reference table based on this column.

Alternately, you can modify the custom function to add another argument for Reference[To].


Excel Ninja
Oh, one more thing.

If you want to ignore case, I'd recommend using lower case/ upper case for both columns.


Hi Chihiro,

thanks, I copied the formula and that seems to work, but it seems my old BI doesn't have the invoke custom function option....

I guess I try insert it as a regular column? but this doesn't work:



Excel Ninja
When you invoke it... you can invoke it like...
= Functionname(Arg1, Arg2)

So in this case...