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Portfolio Settings


New Member
The purchased "portfolio" dashboard is set for 6 sorts in the setting dropdown.
I need to "add" ability to select different departments, and display those projects ONLY, and
rollup the total for THAT department.

And still maintaing the ability for "Orginal Order" which rolls up ALL departments.

I have added addtional column in "Project Details, Team Details", called Department.



Excel Ninja
Hi Allan ,

Since your question is related to one of Chandoo's products , purchased at that , I suggest :

1. You take it up with Chandoo's organization directly , either by sending an email to Chandoo personally , or to the concerned help desk / customer care representative.

2. Post this question in the section of this forum which deals with questions regarding Chandoo's products ; I am moving this question there for now ; in case you do not get any response within a day or two , please get in touch with Chandoo directly.



New Member
Narayan, thanks for reposting in correct forum.

I note that filter will not solve my problem because table(range) still in-effect, and will show in left-pane ALL departments/projects.
However, if I delete rows in product details, that is a possible method, but then I lose those projects if Orginal Order is needed back.