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Populating a row, based on a date entered


New Member

Not sure if this has been aswered before here. I am in the process of preparing a very simple activity tracker for myself. The sheet has simple fields like Date,company, contact person, location, call outcome, followup date etc.

I need a little help with the'follow up date' and I was hoping you may be able to help.

Is there a way in which I can populate an entire row of information into a new date field in another cell or a worksheet?

For example if I have 20 things that I do today and of which 5 need to be followed up tomorrow, 2 the day after and some after a month.

How do I get them to populate in those respective date fields.

Any help will be appreciated ...I am a novice with excel

Thanks in advance


I assume that you have a whole list of activities and then sort or filter by Date and then review what is due on a particular date

If this is the case it should be possible to write a macro which would do the following:

- Check that the worksheet has changed

- If the current cell is a Follow Up Cell

- Copy the row and set the Date equal to the Follow Up Date, leaving the new Follow up date blank