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POP Message


New Member
HI, How to create a pop up message if the Required cell to fill in is not filled? or not enter the data?

not all cell only selected. example: only fill Cell b2, b4, b7, b10 like that.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi, a VBA demonstration as a beginner starter :​
Sub Demo1()
         Dim Rg As Range, S$
    For Each Rg In [B2,B4,B7,B10]
        If IsEmpty(Rg) Then S = S & IIf(S > "", ", ", "") & Rg.Address(False, False)
        If S > "" Then MsgBox "You must fill " & S, 48, "Control"
End Sub
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New Member
Hi how to create Pop Up message in this selected cells contains more than 60 selected cells.
please help