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Poker Hand-Dealing Simulation


- there are 4 players
- each player receives 5 random cards from a standard 52-card poker deck
- AH, 2H, 3H, ..., JH, QH, KH <= Ace of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, and so on
- AD, 2D, ... Diamonds
- AS, 2S, ... Spades
- AC, 2C, ... Clubs

Feel free to take some liberties with this:
Recalculating the sheet (F9) should "reshuffle" the deck and "redeal" the cards.

You can reshuffle and redeal however you like. My solution utilizes sheet recalculation.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Most people setup a list of 52 Random Numbers
Then apply a card to each number
by looking up ie: cards 1 to 5 you have 5 random cards
player 2 gets 6 to 10 etc