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Please Help with time from 2 different hours.

Hello, I´d love to find a solution to my situation which is the following. I have a small worksheet to display the current time. So I have a starting time and an ending time(Goal Time). I would like to know what is the time left from the "Now time" to reach the "Goal Time". In other words: if means, if the start time is 5:30 AM and the Goal time, is 3:00 pm and now it is 8:00 AM, How long time is left to real the goal time? I am attaching the file I am using.

Thank you in advance.



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Try =IF(MOD(NOW(),1)>D6,"",D6-MOD(NOW(),1))
Be aware that :
NOW() is a volatile function
Format F5 as [h]:mm
The formula will only update when the sheet changes ( a calculation is made or a formula entered, etc...)