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Please help how do I calculate - days weeks etc

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Hello all,

Please look at my sheet and i would appreciate if someone can help. Thanks !

D1 - I want this to say weeks and days depending on Cell B - Cell C
E 1- I want this to calculate that their Bonus will be 8 Hours of additional pay for every week they stay but If they stay 1 week and 2 days it will still be 8 hours of pay but if they stay 1 week and 3 days it will round to 2 weeks
"M1 - I want this to calculate pay 0-2 years of experience with 2 weeks of severance but after 1 week of
severance for every year after for example 3 yrs will be 3 weeks and so on but we want to put a cap after 12 yrs. so if someone worked 13 years they will get paid 12 weeks. G1 - If they work beyond their last day I need that cell to calculate that they will receive a Retention Bonus equal to (10) hours of pay
at your regular rate of pay for each additional week worked. (New last day will be entered in F)"



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