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Pivot Tables for Large Amount of Data


New Member
I have a data base worth almost 2M lines of unique transactions I need to process. If all the information would fit into one spreadsheet I wouldn't have an issue. However, I needed to split it into 3 different spreadsheets under the same book. How can I unify the information to have a single Pivot Table that includes all the information. Things to consider:
- The data has been cleaned.
- All 3 spreadsheets have the same columns and is basically consecutive information. From Jan 2020 to June 2021.
- I have tried Power Pivot but does not work because there is no information to cross reference (it is consecutive information) and the result as I choose to add columns to add the months, for example, just overlaps the info
- Consolidating the information is also of no use
- I have tried to create a data base model with the 3 relevant spreadsheet information, but the same issue pops up, when I pivot the information as I add the month column to the pivot table, for example, it just overlaps the first set of information and duplicates the calculation.

Any insights on what tools to use that would actually work would be a life saver.