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Pivot table help


New Member
I am trying to do pivot tables with out any success I have attached the sheet I am trying to use and it needs to be easy for to complete month on month,
all the variations of pivot look awful may data in wrong format , I need to do line graphs for each building and show the month
I have done it using excel but again because I have only done 4 moths data it drops off and then I would have to explain can any help make this work



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

What exactly do you want the final output to look like ?

The charts you have shown are dropping off because the data is only for four months , while the X-axis is for 12 months.

If you use a dynamic named range for the X-axis and the data , the graph will display only for four months. Is that all you want ?



New Member
the attached is a sample file one of my colleagues has done but wont help me I think he is after brownie points
I want to be able show the graph without the drop of as shown her as you put the data into the month the sheet refreshes and updates no drop off just trying to make it look good and functionally ok and easy for anyone to update