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Pivot Table Gantt Chart


New Member
Is it possible to build a Pivot Table Gantt Chart? I have been at it all day and cannot manipulate the data to make it work.


New Member
Many things are possible.
Why You try to manipulate the data?
Why it need to be build with Pivot?
You should upload an Excel sample file here.
Happy to upload a file. The issue is it will not be something that demonstrates the functionality because I can't get it. I believe the problem is when you build a Gantt in an Excel chart (not spreadsheet) you essentially trick the stacked bar chart to display the data properly.

When I add this data to a pivot chart, the ability to manipulate the chart becomes much more constrained.

The reason I want to build in a pivot chart is the amount of filters I need to consider. I would also like the chart to only show the time periods I am considering instead of the entire Gantt.

In the attached data file, I am trying to plot the times from "Date to send materials" to "Mass Production End Date". I would like to be able to filter this by "Primary Contact, Month, and Year". Any help is appreciated, but I am beginning to think it may not be possible. I have an example of both attempts - an Excel Chart based on the table and a Pivot Table trying to build the Gantt chart.



Excel Ninja
Your 'Example of Gantt'-file:
Are those Your samples of something, what do You won't like to have?
Could You show 'some-way', what kind of Chart would You like to have?