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Pivot table date Format Mismatch - Pls.Help


New Member
Dear All

I extracted website data for a specified time period from Tool1 & Tool2 and try to compare date wise report between two tools Via Pivot table. But the date format is not matching between the tool even though the date format is same (YYYYMMDD) 20190201. How to sync the dates of different tools in Pivot table. Pls. find attached the excel sheet with pivot table for your kind reference. Pls. Help



Well-Known Member
there's nothing wrong with the pivot. looking at the data tool1 and tool2 have different dates


New Member
Thanks for the response.in the pivotal for the date 20190201 and so on the session values are coming in different colomns for the same date for tool 1 & tool2. Hope you understand my problem. Please revisit the attached the excel sheet pivot from left to right completely. Pls. Help