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Pick from various list


New Member
I am trying to pick from various list based on a entry on a cell. Have 6 list to choose from on another worksheet within the same workbook....thanks

Example: B1 has value of 10. I want to show the players on team 10 (from the list "10"


New Member
Try this.. http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/11/25/advanced-data-validation-techniques-in-excel-spreadcheats/ (scroll down to situation 2)


New Member
Thank you. I looked at it before....I'm still lost :( I downloaded the spreadcheat showing how its done. My problem is that I have the data on a separate worksheet within the workbook and I don't know how to access it from there...Thanks again.

Stephane Nolf

New Member
To access another worksheet with data validation, you should use names.

You can create a first listbox with the name of your six lists, then create a dynamic name that select the correct list depending of the entry in the first listbox.

I think that there are a lot of very good example of dynamic name on this website.