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Personal Macros Disappear from Alt F8 after saving a new macro


New Member
Hi all-

I have had this problem happen intermittently over the past couple of years but now it seems to happen almost every time I try to save a new macro to my personal file.
I will insert a module in developer mode and paste the vba code in or manually record a macro. I will then save the personal macro with no issue and close Excel. When I open Excel back up, however all of the macros from my personal.xlsb do not show up in the view macros box. They do show up in the developer editor though. Since this has happened so often, I always create a backup of my personal.xlsb and restore it to the previous version that showed the macros.
My personal file is rather large with nearly 300 macros. Could a personal file get too big? That's the only thing I can hypothesize. Otherwise, I am truly stumped as to why this keeps happening. Thanks in advance for any solutions or insight.


Your all of the macros from my personal.xlsb do not show up in the view macros box
Do You mean something like below?
Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 14.14.07.png
What is in Macros in?
... something like above or something different?
Yes. That is the one. I can still see them in the Developer tab but they disappear when I add a new macro or edit an existing one and save personal.xlsb. I doubt size is an issue but I checked and my personal.xlsb file is hovering around 450kb in size


Your Yes...
... means that
if Macros in: is This Workbook
... then only This Workbook's Macros can see there.
If This Workbook has none Macros then the list of Macros is empty as in that snapshot.


What sorry?
Your previous writing gave a strong image - Yes - and now ... something else.
Google eg Macros stored in PERSONAL.XLSB workbook no longer visible in macro list.
... then You could try to solve Your case.
In your personal.xlsb project in the vb editor, try adding a reference (using Tools - References). It doesn't matter which one you choose. Then Debug - Compile VBA project. Now remove the reference, and compile again and see if the macros appear in the Macros dialog?
Thanks vletm and Debaser! Now of course when I build a macro, it works as expected. I will attempt the Debug-Compile as soon as I get it to malfunction again and see if that fixes it and report back. I followed some of the other suggestions for the google search that I will look into as well.
I finally was able to recreate the error.
Debaser- When the macros are not showing, I cannot access the References option. It is not greyed out or anything. Just when I click it, it does nothing. When the macros are showing properly in Alt F8, however I am able to access the Tools References and select from a set of options
Not sure if this helps but I just noticed I have had better luck with adding macros and not having them disappear from alt F8 if I unhide the Personal.xlsb sheet and go into VB editor through altF8.
If I access through the developer tab and Personal.xlsb is hidden, there is almost an 100% chance of creating this error