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Pdf file not opening in Power query


I am using Microsoft 365, Want to open Pdf file to extract data from it in power query, I tried to open 2-3 different files , bank statements, but its saying Unexpected error ," send frown", "close" etc.
How to solve this?


No excel is not opening pdf files. before it used to open but not now. I am going through Data tab>> get data>> from Pdf file
And I also want to ask if pdf file is password protected then can it be opened in excel in power query.


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If the PDF file contains a scanned image, then you won't be able to import anything into Excel or PowerQuery. It depends entirely on the nature and contents of the PDF.


It is Bank Statement , Initially some tables in another pdf files used to open , but now the same type file is also not importing in power query.

Unexpected error ," send frown", "close" etc. And copy data to clipboard.... this dialogue box appears.