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Payroll Project

Hi Chandoo Experts,
I am doing a Payroll Project in Excel. However, I am stuck on one thing. I cannot seem to get the total hours for the day off for 10/15/19 and 10/16/19 dates on the time sheet. If you can help me out on this I would appreciate it. Thanks, Joe from Michigan



Excel Ninja
So what's is the expected result?

Would it equal to reg. hours? Or is there special calculation (such as avg hrs. worked over previous 10 workdays etc)?

As for why you are getting error for K40, it's because of single space character in E40 & I40 (i.e. string can't be divided by 2).


Excel Ninja
Ok, but your Reg. Hours is dependent on Tot. Hrs....

But since there is no start/end for day off. Do you automatically give 8 hours?


Excel Ninja
Then just remove single space character from E40 & I40 as I mentioned earlier.

You can't have non numeric character in MOD() function.

Or you can simply modify your formula in K column to...
=IF(G38="Day off",0,MOD(F38-E38+I38-H38,2)*24)