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Paste formatting without conditional formatting rules


New Member
I have used the conditional formatting colour scale on a range of cells (BY11:CV20). I would like to copy the colour format of these cells to another range (AC11:AZ20). I only require the cell background colour to be copied and pasted. My workbook name is Cars and my sheet name is Channels. I am new to VBA and have tried different coding but nothing works. Can someone please help me.


New Member
Thanks. I am new to VBA and pasted the macro into the workbook. used the formulas =ColorIndexOfCF(A1,FALSE) but received an error. Any further help will be great

Marc L

Excel Ninja
The easy way is to not use any conditional formatting …​
If you want to use some, two ways : like the previous link or applying the same conditional formatting to the destination range …​


Well-Known Member
Sub blah()
Set srce = Range("BY11:CV20")
Set destn = Range("AC11:AZ20")
For rw = 1 To srce.Rows.Count
  For clm = 1 To srce.Columns.Count
    destn.Cells(rw, clm).Interior.Color = srce.Cells(rw, clm).DisplayFormat.Interior.Color
  Next clm
Next rw
End Sub