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Output in separate worksheets each of the reconciled item placing the two ranges side by side


After i have completed my reconciliation with an Add-in, i would like to request for a macro, that will add extra worksheets for each of items indicated.
(i)initially my workbook will look as below, see attachment called comparison1, it has 3 worksheets ( Bank ,cash book and results)
then the next step would be:-

How i want it to appear in separate worksheet called 35000 (compare cash book and bank statement)

Therefore the results workbook should be as per my second attachment. outputresults.xlsx, I just gave an example of how i want it to appear with first few items but i want the worksheet to go till last figure 25000 as per above pic.
what I've been doing after getting recon results is use those to go to both cash book and bank statement to filter those out.
Any solution provided is appreciated( either PQ or VBA or Pivot tables) to get results as outputresults.xlsx



No, it cannot, and this is reason why;-
(i) In the thread's worksheet , there is only one table /range which is split into names of different companies with total at the end, whereas in my OP, the objective is quite different, I need two tables/ranges compared and the amounts (not names) shown in my result section (available in two lists) to be filtered out, and placed in separate worksheets .
However I do stand corrected if you were to upload the xlsx which can display the output if i am unable to discern from the above thread, and i shall be glad to review wherever I've fallen short.