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GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
The app seems to built a layer on top of Excel from what I read on the provided link. So no vba possible, just clicking some reference cells that get turned into a visualisation of choice.


Excel Ninja
GraH - Guido
Gotta ask ... Do You use two usernames?
I've known that so far that's so as You wrote,
but if someone wrote that '...which convert your excel files into actual application that you can use in smart phones' then what new would get there?


Excel Ninja
GraH - Guido
1st I asked from Mr.Q my question - okay?
Then You, GraH - Guido, answered
Ouch! There were typo; missed 'w' .. Do You use tWo usernames? ... sorry :(
.. somewhere some people use more than one username. I hope that not here.
This looks more than promoting the app, if Mr.Q will write only once here.