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Once again looking to hire Excel/Google Sheets experts for regular side jobs


New Member
I am once again looking for talented Excel/Google Sheets gurus to subcontract work out to. I have made 1-2 similar threads over the past few years and added several people to the team, but am looking for new help again since some of the guys I hired in the past either became disinterested or too busy.

I have clients who need spreadsheet work done (typically 95% Google Sheets and 5% Excel), and get more work than I can handle. Also, sometimes I turn away jobs when they are too large or difficult of a task to take on myself. I'm therefore looking to subcontract work out to other Excel and Google Sheet gurus. Therefore, most jobs wouldn't be simple 1-line formulas (although sometimes they are), but usually larger projects, and often requiring Excel VBA or Google AppScript. Again, about 95% of the jobs are in Google Sheets, with maybe 40% requiring Google Apps Script.

In a sense, I'm basically subcontracting the job to you and acting as the middleman. You would give me a quote for the job, and if awarded to you, I pay you out once it's completed to the client's satisfaction, after taking a cut for bringing in the client and overseeing a portion of the communication and client care (which, honestly, is like 50% of this job). You would be able to decide if you wanted to take the job on or not, so it's really a sub-contracting type gig I have in mind; not a part time employee I expect to take every job I send them.

My business has a stellar reputation online doing this business, and that's because I only accept jobs I know I can 100% deliver on and make the client happy. Most clients come back for repeat work. My #1 concern is that the client is happy, so it is 100% imperative that they get _exactly_ what they want. As such, you wouldn't get paid until the client sees the final video I give them and they give me their thumbs up. If there are bugs or missing features from the original agreed scope, you would need to fix them until the client is happy (including if any bugs arise later from the originally delivered file).

I currently have 1 very active helper who has been working with me for 2-3 years now, and another 2-3 helpers who are mostly inactive, and my main helper is beginning to get a bit more work than he can handle.

Right now I think I'm adding an average of 1-2 jobs per day to the "jobs sheet", to give you a rough idea of the work available.

I pay via PayPal (USD) upon completion of the project and acceptance from the client.
I pay on a PROJECT basis only, not hourly. I find this to be fair to everybody.
To date, the average amount per job I've paid my helpers has been $48 as can be seen here: I cover all PayPal fees, so you receive 100% of what is owed to you.
The range of per job rates obviously will vary greatly, but here's an extremely rough guide:

- 1 single yet complex formula (say 2 lines long in the formula bar), or very short VBA/Appscript code (7~ lines): $15-$30
- Writing VBA or Appscript to use a 3rd party API to retrieve data: $60
- Extracting data from social media accounts dynamically: $50
- Creating an interactive dashboard based on the user's raw data: $80

- Must be confident with their Excel and/or Google Sheets abilities and be able to create complex formulas, and code VBA or Google Appscript in at least an intermediate level.
- Prefer somebody on Pacific, Central, or Eastern time to lessen communication lag (not mandatory, however).
- Care needs to be made so that the client won't run into issues in the future; avoid fixed ranges, allow for flexibility and expansion.
- Need to create very "clean" spreadsheets (Ex. Hide/delete extraneous columns and rows, align cells nicely, apply colours where it may improve usability, freeze header rows, write nicely formatted and commented backend code, etc.
- Must be able to communicate in English smoothly.

If you're interested in "applying" for this "job", please send an e-mail to thatexcelguy@gmail.com that includes an overview about your spreadsheet knowledge. I will then send you 2 tests I created (one in Excel, and one in Google sheets) of some interesting and fun "tasks" to test your abilities, as well as to see what you'd quote for them in the future to see if our prices are in line.