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NFL Super Bowl dashboard project


New Member
I want to create a dashboard with NFL teams and Super Bowl results. on the DASHBOARD sheet, how can I get my data to populate such that when I select a super bowl in the drop-down box, the team logos and information about the game (data from SUPER_BOWL_DATA sheet) shows up dynamically when a Super Bowl is selected? In the dashboard I want it to display the Super Bowl name (I, II, etc.) from the list, the logos of the teams that played in the selected game populate where the white spaces are, the scores below it (the = signs), and attendance and venue.

Help appreciated.




Excel Ninja
Staff member

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

On the Dashboard Worksheet

B16: =INDEX(Super_Bowl_Data!$D$2:$D$53,MATCH($G$4,Super_Bowl_Data!$B$2:$B$53,0))

L16: =INDEX(Super_Bowl_Data!$F$2:$F$53,MATCH($G$4,Super_Bowl_Data!$B$2:$B$53,0))

That will get you started

Pull these formula apart and understand what they are doing

To return the logo's have a read of:

I would also recommend against using merged Cells as you have