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Neural Network formula forecasting/prediction on excel?


Has anyone tried it?

I see some examples stated online for excel but I still dont get it.

would a simple binary input work best or a range of patterns or numbers?


Excel Ninja
Hmm? I think you are confusing things a bit.

ANN (Artificial Neural Network) is a machine learning algorithm.

And it does not come as standard in Excel. You'll either need to create your own model or write a code. Alternately... integrate R or Python packages into Excel (though there may be other ways).

One commercially available example using R package integration is from XLSTAT.

Below is excellent article on machine learning model without use of code.


Was that simple for you? since that went over my head.
It has too many things going on with too many countries which is confusing, despite impressive..
Even the code is confusing.
But a simpler input would have been a better example with a long list of binary or just numbers.

He has some references in the download example excel file which ok but still lost.


Thanks. It is smaller to get a better grasp but still not so simple for me despite easy for you and probably others.
The node is a cool idea how its done with 1/0 the rest got too technical and limited.

Plenty of columns do not have a explanation in why iy does iy and I seem to get errors on 2nd tab..

I just changed the input to have 3 digit numbers and specify if it was higher than 4 individually. narrowed down the rows to 700 to upload.
but still i dont see it predicting and it just shows a jumble of numbers.

not as simple as plug and play to input numbers and it predicts a degree of what will come.

thanks anyway