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Needed data automatically in sheet 2 : Result

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Hi Sir,
Thank you for ur help
In result sheet 2 their is cell name base amount in cell C5 i want data to be appear their also
Can you help me for the same
Hi Team,
This is a new file
As per ur guidline i had posted this post here .......
In my excel their are two sheet 1st with All data and 2nd with Result.
needed data automatically such as invoice base , invoice tax and invoice total with split into currency such as INR and USD .
And also needed No of invoices as per Vendor name in sheet1 as per ( Workflow not intiated,All unpaid invoices,All paid invoices,Rejected By Finance,Pending for Processing with Finance,Rejected by CIPC,Pending with Regional Spoc,Rejected with L2)
Thanks in advance .



Excel Ninja
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