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need vba for shifting data from one sheet to another


New Member
hi need vba code to do the following
step-1--->Will prompt to input column names and rows range and then
Step-2---->will copy values from cells falling in those range from the given sheet and then
Step-3---->will paste in another sheet as values starting with cell A2.
e,g If column input are give as column b,k,s and row input given as 2-636 then it will copy value in all those cells and will paste as value in another sheet.

Thank you


New Member
I need to divide the data in the data sheet in two groups group1 and group 2 and transfer the two sheets to another workbook. The original worksheet should remain unchanged.
1)Data validation: only those records should get shifted to group 1 and group 2 in which the date of birth is in DD-MMM-YY (e.g28-NOV-14) format. The date of birth can either be through formula or typed but it should be in the form DD-MMM-YY. The record where date of birth is 0,blank,text or numbers, etc should not get shifted to new sheet.
The VBA should allow me for following customization
i)Input box for columns I want to shift to group1 and group2 (columns will remain same for both group), as I do not need to transfer all columns from data sheet
ii)Rows for group1 and group2 (e.g from row 2 to 350 should go to group1 and 400 to 600 should go to group2)
iii)Allow me to input name of the workbook to which i need to shift group 1 and group2 sheet
iv)In the new work sheet the value should get pasted as value visible in original data sheet and formula should not get transferred.




Excel Ninja
You are writing in - #1 reply - worksheets and in - #3 reply - workbook and worksheets - which one matters?
Data Validation - filtering.
i) Is there always three columns to work? Could those mark to Your original sheet?
ii) You give two different ... examples ... that needs a lot of checking. For what are those groups?
iii) Now again workbook ... new? ... to which sheet?
Those Your 'input's would be fill in Your top row of data worksheet.
... would it be more clear, if You could do as well as Your expected results with Your sample data.


New Member
in the attached data sheet.xlsx file there is work sheet called "Data". The records in this sheet need to divide into two sheets called group 1 and
group 2.
In Sheet group 1 data from column A,B,H,I and J and data between row row 5 to 400 should get pasted (only value not formula)
In sheet group 2 data from column A,B,H,I and J and data between row row 450 to 600 should get pasted (only value not formula)
Any record in which the date of birth is not in form of DD-MMM-YY(e.g 29-Nov-15) or the date of birth cell is blank or contains numbers,0,text should not get copied to either of sheet group1 or group2. After the sheet group1 and group 2 being created it should automatically move to another workbook. All the bold options are variable and the code should have provision for input of same. Thanks