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Need to populate monthly sheet based on month #[code]&[/code]


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hi all,
i want to populate my "monthly" stats sheet, when i input the month and year in the reference cell and press the update button in "monthly" sheet. The "data" sheet is updated from the daily sheet when the user clicks the save button. This part is already done. just need to figure out how to match the specific month datas from dates.



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Something like this?
See attached.
Never use merged cells when you are using VBA
I also changed your SAVE code.
First, it was not correct but above all avoid using Select and/or Activate, it slows down your code big time and it is rarely needed.
I added a column in your data sheet that compares the months and years with the month and year in your monthly sheet to populate your monthly sheet
For this question you also could use a pivot table.



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thanks for your help.
but when i delete the data and update data sheet with new data and then click update with a new month on monthly sheet, it does not work? what did i do?

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !
how to match the specific month datas from dates.
As always the easy way is an Excel feature (respecting the main rule TEBV)
needing a single codeline to copy data : an advanced filter !
Like any Excel beginner can yet achieve manually …
(As it removes the filters of the source table, tell me if you need to keep them.)
Private Sub Button1_Click()
    With Sheet4
        V = .[A2].Value:  If Not IsDate(V) Then Beep: Exit Sub
       .[C1:D2].Value2 = Evaluate("{""Date"",""Date"";"">=" & V & """,""<" & DateSerial(Year(V), Month(V) + 1, 1) & """}")
        Sheet3.ListObjects(1).Range.AdvancedFilter xlFilterCopy, .[C1:D2], .[A4:M4]
    End With
End Sub
Do you like it ? So thanks to click on bottom right Like !