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Need spreadsheet expert for 10+Million-row data file


New Member
Hello Chandoo Members:

I need to HIRE

1. A spreadsheet expert
who can load 3 million to 10+ million rows of my existing Excel data sheets into one major file, one which is searchable numerically (e.g. from 1 to 10 digits, or by Key Word(s). (I know about the 1 Million-row Excel limit, but Excel workarounds or other software or formats an handle it.)

When the user types a 1- to 10-digit or a Key Word(s) FIND entry, the result jump to the range of rows that match that user data entry. The file will be continually updated.

2. An App Developer to convert this spreadsheet data into an educational app (iPhone first, then Android, cloud)

QUESTION 1: Which software and method should be used? (I won’t be doing it, you will)

QUESTION 2: Are YOU the spreadsheet expert and/or App Developer I can hire to develop this?

Thank you for your reply,
Stay Curious (and safe).
Justin O’Brien
Justin_obrien @ msn.com ( delete spaces away )
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