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Need help with VBA Code for generating lotto numbers from list column A


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Good morning, i am an excel beginner and in my free time i made a random picking number lottery but the one that i have found here on the website is much more better.I would ask you a favor, can you make 6 number picking instead of 5? I tried to modify the code but with no success. I attach an image for giving the idea of it and the file i was working on.

The 6 numbers should be picked by those on the column A. Thank you in advance and i hope to hear you soon,





Drag K1 to L1 then from the 'Menu Ribbon' choose 'Developer' and turn-on 'Design Mode' then copy Textbox nr.5 and paste it beside. When done turn-off 'Design Mode'. If you don't see the Developer tab you need to enable it from the Options menu customizing the Ribbon by checking Developer in the Main tabs.
Now substitute the macros 'bClearAll' and 'bGenerate' with these updated ones:
'Clear All
Sub bClearAll()
    Dim i      As Integer
    For i = 1 To 6
        Picks.OLEObjects("TextBox" & i).Object.Value = ""
    Next i
    'Picks.OLEObjects("tSet").Object.Value = 1
    Picks.tSet.Value = 1
End Sub

Sub bGenerate()
    Dim ws     As Worksheet, rStart As Range, rS As Range
    Dim i      As Long, ii As Integer, j As Long, k As Long
    Dim tf     As Boolean, a(1 To 6), b
    Dim r      As Range, rr

    Set ws = Picks
    Set r = Picks.Range("A1", Picks.Range("A1").End(xlDown))
    'Remove possible duplicate values
    rr = UniqueArrayByDict(r.Value)               'Base 0 array.
    'Title Cell for first random number set on Picks sheet
    Set rStart = ws.Range("G5")
    'Check if any preferred numbers were set.
    'All blank or all numbers means no preference.
    For i = 1 To 6
        a(i) = Val(Picks.OLEObjects("TextBox" & i).Object.Value)
        If a(i) = 0 Then
            j = j + 1
            k = k + 1
        End If
    Next i
    'Ok to generate all 5 numbers?
    If j = 6 Or k = 6 Then
        tf = True
    Else                                          'Add numbers that may not be in rr.
        For k = 0 To 5
            If a(k + 1) <> 0 Then
                ReDim Preserve rr(0 To UBound(rr) + 1)
                rr(UBound(rr)) = a(k + 1)
            End If
        Next k
    End If
    'Remove possible duplicate values that were added.
    rr = UniqueArrayByDict(rr)                    'Base 0 array.
    If Not IsNumeric(Picks.tSet.Value) Then Picks.tSet.Value = 1
    For i = 1 To Picks.tSet.Value
        'Next blank cell in Picks sheet for next set of numbers
        Set rS = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, rStart.Column).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
        If rS.Row < 5 Then Set rS = ws.Cells(5, rS.Column)
        b = RndIntPick(1, UBound(rr) + 1, 6)      'Base 0 array.
        'Set elements in b to rr values.
        For k = 0 To 5
            b(k) = rr(b(k) - 1)                   'Random picks from col A in b now.
        Next k
        'Resort b
        b = ArrayListSort(b)
        If Not tf Then
            For ii = 1 To 5
                If a(ii) <> 0 And b(ii - 1) <> a(ii) Then GoTo Generate
            Next ii
        End If
        For ii = 0 To 5
            Picks.OLEObjects("TextBox" & ii + 1).Object.Value = Format(b(ii), "0#")
            rS.Offset(, ii).Value = b(ii)
        Next ii
    Next i
End Sub
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