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Need help to maintain login, system lock and log off auto tracker.


New Member
i need to create login, system lock and log off auto tracker. ones employee come in office and login his system then tracker will auto mention as login time and if he take some break then tracker maintain those details and after shutdown the PC system auto maintain the time and mention as logout. it is possible ? we have share drive to access those macro ..........


Excel Ninja
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Need Help: VBA Code to Capture Windows System Lock/Unlock Time
Hi Team, I would like to design a macro to capture system Lock ( Win + L) and Unlock time (Ctrl+Alt+Del). like below: _______Column A_______________ _____Column B__________ 5/27/2019 22:01:01 PM Locked 5/27/2019 22:01:21 PM...
Have You tried to find if Windows itself collects that data?
ps. Any user could disable locking or how?


New Member
Hi, i have tried but unable to capture data for all users. if it is possible that when anyone login the system ,macro auto run and capture the time ?


Excel Ninja
That sort of tracking really should be done on system side as explained in that thread.

That isn't something you'd do with VBA. VBA can be used to import the log and clean/transform the log that's generated by some other process.