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Need Help on the Excel Spreadsheet


New Member
This is little complicated and i need desperate help from someone..

In the schedule sheet i have schedule date and Overtime hours. Wherever the hours are updated (hh:mm:ss) it means associates worked for 9 hours.

In the Overtime columns those are actual over time worked by the associate.

In the reports sheet, whenever i select from and to date, associate total hours should reflect eliminating Absent (A), Planned leave (PL) and off hours. Total hours will be 9 hours working hours and it should add the over time hours.

Can some help on this please?



New Member
Hi Vletm,

This is what i expected. thank you so much. I did not see any formulas or VBA codes in the excel sheet. Could you please explain where it is hidden? I want to replicate the same in other excel sheets too.


New Member
thank you vletm. You are great. One more thing. If i need to minus some hours in the sheet, how can do that? For example instead of adding one hours in the Overtime, i need to minus 2 hours.


Excel Ninja
So far, there are not possible to do negative overtime hours.
If really need to do so ... hmm?
... then You could handle those with this
Test that 'logic' Yourself ;)