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Need Help in creating this Dashboard

Sreekanth Zipsy

New Member
Hello All,

This is SREEKANTH, I am new to advanced excel and dashboards. I need help in creating this dashboard. Please do give me some suggestions, I am attaching the picture of the dashboard we need to create. Appreciate any help you people can do. Thanks.



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

I have no idea what kind of suggestions you are expecting ; if you can upload your workbook with the data in it , members can probably create the dashboard for you to study and evaluate.

Regarding the picture you have uploaded , I am not able to understand two things about it :

1. The vertical axis has no labels , which is not acceptable.

2. The top box says September 2009 is the reference , but the charts all have several months of data plotted ; what is this reference supposed to mean ?

Charts should be developed so that they tell the whole story , without the viewer having to ask what something means.


Sreekanth Zipsy

New Member
I'm so sorry, here is the data we have given please you can find attached.
Vertical axis is all sales in thousands of units. September 2009 is the reference, so if we select September 2009, we should see next 2 months & before 2 months including September as well, that's the idea they have given, if you change September to something, it should change accordingly. Please help.


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