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Need help for CHOOSECOLS formula in Excel


Excel Ninja

Hope everyone is doing fine. I need help for CHOOSECOLS formula.
I have received one file, this file has 'CHOOSECOLS' formula in it.
However, when I open the file, the formula is reflecting as =_xlfn.CHOOSECOLS(_xlfn._xlws.FILTER(FX!$A$2:$T$50,FX!$N$2:$N$50<0,""),1,4,5,8,10,11,12,14,16), that too in Array.

User has Microsoft Office 365 App for enterprises installed, where as I have Microsoft Excel for Office 365.
User is able to see formula in proper syntax and able to type =CHOOSECOLS too.
When I try to type =Cho, I can only see, = CHOSE in my Excel, I can not see =CHOOSECOLS in my Excel.
How do I resolve this, can anyone please help me in this.
The function was introduced with Windows: 2208 (Build 15601). Do you have that Office version or higher installed? In XL File - Account - About Excel will show you the version