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Need excel formula


New Member
Hello Guys,

I need excel formula for my below problem.
Here, Step involved:
I need "Total Cycle Time".
1) When we click the cell "No of items produced", it will ask me to enter Quantity
2) Once I enter "No of items produced" (B2) ( it will calculate the cycle time according to the below formula in the backend)
3) Then, it will show me the "Total Cycle Time" in the same cell (B2).
Please not that here we are giving input in the same cell and getting output in the same cell.


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Showing a result in the same cell where data is entered requires VBA. See attached update to your file.

Also your example is a bit confusing because you are referring to B2 in your description but the actual cell address is G13. VBA must use the cell address. Update to suit your actual worksheet.