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Need count based column and ageing lookup


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Hi Friends,

Need help!!!
Attached excel file for your reference.
1. Based" no of days" pending need to lookup or fill (formula) ageing status.
2. Based on status count no of ageing and distinct nonid .

Example also there..




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Hi ,

Is this what you are looking for ?

Hi Narayan,

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes i want like that. However count of ageing mismatch is there. Example below

Negative more than 180 is actually 1 only, If i use helper column it will become 2 only. I need help on this.
Negative More than 1803


Ageing status you have derived lookup formula with concatenation. If negative , negative & 30 day you have used.

Many other report we are not using same template for example data will be like this.
so we cannot use concatenation formula. Example below
Some reports we have status like "new status" so we cannot use concat. Kindly help on this.
AgingstatusNew status
0-3030 day due30 day due
31-6060 day due60 day due
61-9090 day due90 day due
91-180180day due180day due
180+More than 180More than 180
-0 to -30Negative 30 day duenisr1
-31 to -60Negative 60 day duenisr2
-61 to -90Negative 90 day duenisr30
-91 to -180Negative 180day duenisr180
-180+Negative More than 180nisr180+