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Need code to copy paste the each column data under one column


Hello team,

Could you please help me for the below scenario:

Need a code to copy paste column data under one column and keep the same description.


bang mys

jan 645 978

feb 645

mar 978

it should be realigned like below: no of rows and column keep adding need to looping.


bang jan 645

bang feb

bag mar 978

mys jan 978

mys feb 645

mys mar


Luke M

Excel Ninja
This code should work. Note that you need to define what range to use and what row you want to start the new table on.

Sub Reorder()

Dim MyRange As Range

Dim NewRow As Integer

Dim xWide As Integer

Dim xTall As Integer

Dim StartRow As Integer

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'Define this range as appropriate

Set MyRange = Range("A1:C4")

xWide = MyRange.Columns.Count

xTall = MyRange.Rows.Count

'Which row do you want the new table to start

StartRow = 10

For i = 2 To xWide

For j = 2 To xTall

Cells(StartRow, 1) = MyRange.Cells(1, i)

Cells(StartRow, 2) = MyRange.Cells(j, 1)

Cells(StartRow, 3) = MyRange.Cells(j, i)

StartRow = StartRow + 1

Next j

Next i

End Sub