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Multiple Users Login Form in Excel

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Hello there,

I saw lots of queries are getting solved here everyday. I also come up with one, actually I worked on this assignment but its its little bit difficult for me. Hope its very easy and possible for someone. I wants to make an excel workbook for multiple users, wherein many users can open (by username and password) and fill the data.I have attached a sample template without VBA, please refer that guys.
Some of my conditions that must be in the workbook are;

If someone open the workbook than,he/she can see only Dashboard sheet.
If someone open the workbook any click on Login button than, he get a popup/form for username and password.

-Username and Password are stored in "For Admin" sheet of the workbook.
-If Username and Password are incorrect, than get exit the excel workbook.
-If Username and Password are correct, than get accessed and proceed for further.

There are certain conditions, if login get successfully by users, than;
-If John login correctly than he can see "Dashboard" , "John" and "Help" Sheets only.
-In "For Admin" sheet, I have restricted the allowed sheets to various users.
-If users login successfully than, a time-stamp of last login shall be filled automatically in "For Admin" sheet.
-If user do any modification after login than, Yes/No must be filled automatically in "For Admin" sheet.

Hope the above explanation are relevant to understand and someone reply as soon as possible.

Thanks and Warm Regards!



Excel Ninja
Mehmud Khan
Which operation system do You use or other users use?
In 'many' cases they have had to do login before they can use anything or how?
So, why need still one more 'manual login' to that file?
Why need one more username and password to forget?
Not open for further replies.