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Multiple Data Series


New Member
Hie forum,

What is the best way to depict multiple data series in one table and chart, like productwise, customerwise, yearwise, sales data.

I would appreciate any suugestions. I use open office and it does not have all functionalities of excel.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Have a look through other peoples work either here at http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-dashboards/ or generally in Google

What does your business do now ?

What do your supervisors/bosses want ?

Theres no point inventing a sports car if they just need a family wagon.


New Member

Thanks for the link.

Dashboards are indeed great tool, but the extent of information and look of it is intimidating.

Still, thanks


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Don't be put off by dashboards

Start small

Add one chart adjacent to a second

Add components one at a time and only when you are comfortable with each step

Add formatting, text and other niceties to spice up (add value) to your growing dashboard.

Don't even be tempted with making them interactive or dynamic, that will all come with time

Start to realise that the most important thing with all dashboards is having your data organised.

Chandoo has a great tutorial on how to make a dashboard and it has some very good techniques to learn.

Work through it step by step and don't be afraid to ask questions here or in the post comments.