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Multi-level pivot table or chart


I have been given a spreadsheet which is basically along the lines of the attached spreadsheet and have been asked if it is possible to produce a pivot table or pivot chart to display selected data with multiple slicers. In the real world there are many more product categories, many more manufacturers and many more skills.

I have given this some thought but can't see a way of doing this but thought that some of you clever guys may be able to point me in a direction I hadn't thought of.

There may be numerous product categories, but all the names will be unique.
There may be numerous manufacturers but the names cannot be guaranteed to be unique.
There may be numerous skills but the majority will be repeated for most products.

My initial feeling was that this won't work because a pivot table can only be created from a data table with unique headers.

Am I right, or am I wrong. I'd be glad to hear your views.